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Welcome to Ecopapermint. 21st Century is wild creative about industrial revolution and India is one of the emerging economy to come up with unique concepts in industries, but while evolving are you keeping your environment healthy?  Here comes Ecopapermint to fulfil your needs considering social concern from waste material.


-marlee Martin

Seed Types


Mint Seed Paper Flower Confetti – Great for diy wedding or party invitations, thank you cards, save-the-dates, and more! Flower seeds are inside the plantable seed paper flower.


This most popular herb is full of flavour and is easy to grow, producing a continuous harvest of fragrant leaves all summer long. It’s ideal for fresh pesto, caprese salads, and pasta sauces.

Our story

From Paper engineering to eco- engineering

We are handmade & seed paper manufacturer basically from Junnar, Pune since 2018. Our vision to accomplish and succeed a journey of industrial evolution towards social revolution. We manufactures various types of seed paper & handmade paper as per our customer’s requirements. Our versatile product categories like  wedding cards, stationary material, decoration paper & many more creative work naturally attracts eco-friendly society. Reason behind setting factory at Junnar, Pune is quite attention seeker. Junnar have had ancient history of handmade paper manufacturer since decade. Our factory is installed in small shade

Discover Our Products

Seed Paper is kind of handmade paper which includes any number of different plant seeds implanted for making paper fully eco-friendly. Seeds themselves germinated while paper-making process and they can sprout when the paper is planted in soil.Seed paper has long decade history of 60 years.

Types of seed paper products

Wedding Cards

Make your wedding special by supporting eco-friendly cause


Initiate your year with great environment friendly resolution with us!

Other stationaries

Add values to your every action with keeping environment in mind!

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Get started your journey with Ecopapermint. Any queries feel free to contact us

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